Kate Anderson: Mosaics


My studio will be opening for Spring Fling open studios event from 27th-29th May, with late night and preview opening on the Friday and Saturday.


British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM)

The BAMM Forum will be taking place in Edinburgh this year on September 30th. For workshop and other updates please refer to - British Association for Modern Mosaic nearer this date.

Judith seducing Holofernes by Lilian Broca

( Judith seducing Holofernes by Lilian Broca)

BAMM Forum

To read more about the BAMM forum and Kate on the Upland website click on the image below: 

Upland News Page

Visits to the Smithy Studio to view work can also be pre-arranged, contact Kate by using the contact form here to book a place or get more information.